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“Comfort and fashion may be what we are most known for . . . but RESPONSIBILITY has been in our wiring since day one. Longer than day one actually . . . Wesley Hall was founded and is managed by the fourth generation of responsible N.C. upholstery makers. Our furniture is 100% made in the USA. In fact, all of our wood, cushioning & finishing supplies are made in the USA as well.”

“Wesley Hall considers people to be our greatest asset. The talented craftspeople in our factory are the key to executing our high quality standards. These standards require high skill levels to unwavering commitment to quality. To advance Wesley Hall’s commitment to quality and the workforce, our manufacturing employees are paid by the hour as opposed to by the piece.”

“For a quarter of a century, Wesley Hall has been a driving force in the domestic luxury upholstery market.
Our success is a direct result of an unwavering commitment to unparalleled customer service impeccable quality and tailoring
fashion-leading style and color lasting comfort U.S. production”

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