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The Lowcountry with its past heaped in history and tradition and its mesmerizing beauty is one of the most distinct and sought-after areas in the world existing from the northern beaches of Charleston to the southern islands of Georgia. The talents of extraordinary Lowcountry artists have been nurtured to create what is indeed a very unique line of lighting- Lowcountry Originals. Using natural materials like marsh reeds, old metals, driftwood and oyster shells, these talented artisans have crafted lighting that has captured the very essence of this very special area. Even the candle sleeves are made of natural beeswax. Each piece can be completely customized in shape, size and finish to meet individual needs. These original creations are proving very popular to an ever-increasing and discriminating clientele who wish to enjoy the look, feel and style of the Lowcountry in their own homes.

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