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Leathercraft-How it all Began

A half-century ago, a group of men passionate about furniture came together with a vision to make leather seating of the highest possible quality while utilizing the talents of local craftspeople, and Leathercraft was born. Since that time many things have changed, but our vision remains. We at Leathercraft are proud to continue our legacy of building beautiful, enduring, hand crafted upholstery that people can be proud to own and enjoy.

No machine can craft a product as uniquely beautiful as our pieces, only trained eyes and masterful hands can create our handsome upholstery. Leather, a uniquely beautiful article, shows genuine character that may include scratches, scars, wrinkle markings and other elements reflective of leather’s organic beginning. Our masterful craftspeople cut each piece to maximize each hide’s full potential while honoring the medium and respecting the road ahead for each piece. Today, as always, we are guided by our founding principles of beauty, comfort and performance and by our dedication to honor you, our valued customers by providing seating that will add luxury to your home for many years to come.

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