Fremarc furinture for nterior designer
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After 45 years in business, Fremarc Designs has evolved into a leading manufacturer of finely crafted, handmade wood furniture. During the same period of time, both the vision and the leadership of the company have passed from one generation to the next.

The company that Maurice Donenfeld founded in 1971 started out making fine cast and wrought- iron pieces. Today, Fremarc Designs is renowned for its timeless designs, crafted from premium- grade hardwoods and complemented by a broad range of hand- applied finishes, the result of a synthesis of Old World artistry and modern computer-aided milling processes.

Our goal is to continue to create designs that combine Old World craftsmanship with the intrinsic beauty of wood… to manufacture pieces that will be enjoyed for a lifetime, and last well beyond.

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