Fall Into Autumn

Can you believe it? Summer is gone and fall is upon us. Don’t worry, this is awesome news for designers. It is the perfect time to turn your attention away from the outdoors and give your client’s interior a little TLC. Let’s talk about ideas on how to warm up spaces and add special holiday touches.

How To Select The Perfect Chair That Fits

When looking for the perfect chair, focus on chairs made in the USA by reputable manufacturers like the lines offered through the Company D showroom. CR Laine, Wesley Hall, Hickory White, Hickory Chair, Ambella Home and Theodore Alexander to name just a few.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with any of these lines.

So many other companies have chosen to outsource to China, whether it be for the frame-making or the actual upholstery application. Quality is compromised and the result will be uncomfortable.

It goes without saying that any chair with an interior curved back is going to fit your body and wrap around you in comfort.

How To Choose A Dining Chair

If you like to enjoy a long meal at your dinner table, then comfort is critical. You don’t want your guests adjusting and re-adjusting to get comfortable the longer you sit. Finding a dining chair that you want to sit in all night long it the key.

Avoid imports. Again, focus on the USA made manufacturers.

While we work with many quality manufacturers who make wonderful dining chairs, let’s talk about Designmaster Furniture for a minute. Designmaster is a family-owned business since 1987 that focusses on family and friends – eating and connecting together as they gather around the table. The quality they produce is practically unmatched. We have worked with this company for over 20 years and we have never once had a complaint. Designmaster takes pride in their craftsmanship.

Other Bar & Counter Stools

Here are some stools that offer comfort and quality. These are fully customizable lines with many finish options.